Palm Project

2007 Timeline

After many requests from the Medical teams traveling in Vanuatu for an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal Soap it was decided by NZCHET to coordinate soap making workshops. In 2007 Sandra and Ron Craig join the NZCHET team at Uliveo Island. Sandra and Ron have 11 years in the soap making industry and were happy to volunteer their time and expertise.

NZCHET and Yousef and Josephine Fukhry Trust supplied all the equipment and ingredients and a beautiful anti-septic anti-bacterial soap was made with the local Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and Manukau Oil. The local women had never had such beautiful soap and as well as soap Sandra showed them how to make shampoo and clothes washing detergent. This was a first for the women of Uliveo, for the first time they had a scabies and louse preventor with healing qualities for skin infections. The women showed Sandra how to make Coconut Oil and Sandra showed them how to turn it into soap. The Soap Making Workshops were a huge success and 37 women graduated. This saw the birth of Palm Project.