Palm Project

2008 Timeline

2008 saw NZCHET became involved with NZAID and an application was submitted for the building of a soap factory in the village of Lohvari village Uliveo Island.

The application was successful and plans were put in place to purchase and transport the building supplies by boat.

Young students of the RTC (Rural Training College) at Uliveo were employed to do the building work, the plans were supplied by New Zealand Eco Builder Peter Whitehouse and a designer from New Zealand Marcus Taylor volunteered to project manage the building of the Soap Factory.

Marcus showed the boys how make split coconut log walls, coconut logs have never been utilised before, once coconut trees are cut down for what ever reason the logs are left to rot. Marcus found that the young builders were well educated in building skills and they were easy to work with. They showed Marcus how they reinforce the concrete with bamboo and their finished concrete floor was smooth and level.

Once the soap factory was completed it gave Palm Project a clean environment to make soap. A central place to keep all equipment and chemicals out of harms way. The Soap Factory is now used by the community to produce the much needed anti-bacterial Coconut Soap. Palm Project now buys its Virgin Organic Coconut Oil directly from the local women putting the money directly into their hands to be used for the well being of the local families.