Palm Project


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Solar pump and taps for new tank

Extra tap to assist priming

Operating instructions for desal on display

Tools for maintenance of deal plant

New salt water tanks for desal plant

Uluveu Builders Workshop Furniture

Coconut oil and niang soap

Coconut oil & cacao bean soap

Coconut & tamanu oil soap

Coconut project soap range with new box

Palm Project 2015 Vanuatu Trade Fair

Manager John Akurkur supervisors the builders

RTC graduates building furniture for sale

Vanuatu Daily Post,

Vanuatu Daily Post

Community celebrates construction 2013

Odourless composting toilets complete  2013

Pandanas thatched roof for composting toilet 2013

Odourless exhaust vent detailed 2013

Composting toilet takes form 2013

Framing complete and split bamboo walls construction begins 2013

Locally milled timber is used for the toilet frames 2013

Cement is pour into the mold to create toilet seat base

Construction continues and molds are designed for further toilets

Local builder Kalo starts construction of the composting toilet

New soap stamp for Palm Project soap

Children from Sangalai School shower with Palm project soap

Skin Rejuvenating Niang (Tumeric) Soap

Tamanu Gardeners Soap

Cacao Exfoliating Soap

Tamanu Gardeners Soap

Skin Rejuvenating Niang (Tumeric) Soap 2013

Cacao Exfoliating soap 2013

Right front Pastor Kaltalio Simeon MP from Uluveu at opening of pavilion 2013

Kalo Enrel local plumber & builder incharge of maintenance of the pavilion 2013

Jason, Kalo and Malterry add solar panels to the soap factory 2013

Pastor Samson Paules blesses the pavilion and the people 2013

Pastor Samson Paules cuts the ribbon at the official opening of the pavilion 2013

Pastor Samson Paules officially opening the Uluveu Nuwai Pavilion 2013

Chief Kalmet addresses the people assembled at the opening 2013

Annie Obediah translates a message from Liane to the community 2013

Training session for operating water maker 2012

Richard & Elders decide on location for pavilion 2012

Front door of the Uluveu Nuwai pavilion 2012

Component and fuse boxes installed in pavilion 2012

Battery Bank for solar system power installed in pavilion 2012

Open Ocean water maker installed 2012

Tom Nombong building supervisor installs solar panels 2012

30 solar panels installed on the roof of pavilion 2012

Happy plumbers Tazo and Carson 2012

6000lt tanks installed throughout the village 2012

Wash basins installed in pavilion 2012

Shower cubicles are installed in the pavilion 2012

Concrete floors are complete 2012

Concreting begins 2012

Reinforcing steel goes down 2012

The pavilion takes shape 2012

Cladding the walls with colour steel 2012

Roofing and lining starts 2012

Roof beams go up under Martins instructions 2012

Frames go up on pavilion 2012

Locally made blocks are used for foundations 2012

Construction starts on pavilion 2012

Pavilion Builders 2012

bamboo house team 2010

bamboo roof beams 2010

Songi digs the well with the new tools 2010

bamboo supports for the coconut wood floor 2010

Songi & Tom soak the coconut wood planks 2010

coconut wood flooring 2010

bamboo roof beams 2010

dowling the bamboo 2010

setting the bamboo into concrete 2010

setting the bamboo into concrete 2010

supplies arrive at Lohvari to build workshop 2010

milling the coconut wood planks for the floor 2010

milling the coconut logs 2010

Palm Project soap range 2010

Palm Project products 2010

Workshop team 2010

Workshop team 2010

Workshop furniture 2010

food safe 2010

Playing in the workshop 2010

Ian tutors the builders 2010

Ian begins the workshop training 2010

tired builders 2010

Uluveu Builders & Carvers Workshop 2010

workshop gets painted 2010

concreting the workshop floor 2010

concreting the workshop floor 2010

building the work bench 2010

workshop roof is complete 2010

roofing workshop 2010

posts go in for workshop 2010

moments after delivery 2010

future of Vanuatu 2010

trialing the new coconut press 2009

unloading supplies of MV Pescadora  2009

Soap Factory complete 2008

making the doors for the Soap Factory 2008

corrugated iron arrives at Lohvari for Soap Factory 2008

the Soap Factoy cement floor is complete 2008

bamboo reinforcing for the Soap Factory cement floor 2008

Tom in the rafters of the Soap factory 2008

the Soap Factory roof 2008

roofing the Soap Factory 2008

roofing the Soap Factory 2008

levelling the ground of the Soap Factory 2008

starting on the wall of the Soap Factory 2008

frames in place 2008

splitting the coconut logs 2008

cementing the first post 2008

clearing the land to build the Soap Factory 2008

unloading Soap Factory building supplies 2008

on board SV Munduca with supplies to build Soap Factory 2008

cutting the first palm project block of soap 2007

Rolini speaking at the graduation ceremony 2007

soap display for workshop graduation day 2007

palm project first 5kg block of soap 2007

pouring the first palm project soap 2007

first batch of soap for palm project 2007

opening the soap making workshop 2007

small children of Lohvari 2007

soap workshop graduates 2007

thumbs up for Pelongk village 2007

women from Lohvari 2007

committee for palm project 2008

Workshop Team 2010

NZCHET and Palm Projects work in the medical field 2007

mother and baby Avokh island 2007

where to place soap factory 2008

lunch for soap workshops 2007

women discussing the price of coconut oil at palm project 2009

womens meeting at palm project 2009

soap factory Lohvari village Uluveu island south east Malakula

solar panel installation with Ivon 2009

managers hut built by local builders

Palm Project product range 2009

complete Palm Project product range 2009

gift packs

complete hotel and resort product range

Ivon and the builders wiring the lights 2009

the men lend a hand with soap cutting 2009

wrapping the soap 2009

cutting the soap 2009

drying the cocoa beans and tamanu seeds in the sun

The young boys on school holidays crack the coconut pods

Wiring the lights with Ivon 2009

Rolini and Dusaley add the fragrance to the soap 2009

trialing the coconut press with Ivon 2009

packing the press cylinder 2009

Children of Lohvari village 2007

Soap display for Graduation Ceremony 2007

String Band at soap workshop graduation 2007

Malampa Province MP Issac speaking at soap workshop 2007

Sail Canoe Sakau 2007

Sakau Island 2007

Women of Lohvari Uluveu Island 2007