Palm Project

NZCHET’s commitment to safe clean water and sustainable energy

Jason Whaanga has developed a concept to enhance the Pavilion it was involved with in Uleveu Island in Vanuatu.

The conceptual design for the Pavilion was initiated by NZCHET.

The Pavilion on Uluveu has two main areas the wet area and the machine room.

At 14mtrs by 6mtrs the pavilion the existing pavilion offers basic infrastructure for power for water making for periods of drought.

Powered by 5.8KW of PV power the pavilion can operate a number of services.

  • Water Making Plant 2400-3000 litres per day
  • Ice Making Plant 100KG block ice in 12hrs
  • Lighting and electrical Lighting and power
  • Freezers Chest freezer for 24hrs

The Pavilion on Uluveu was the first of its kind in the pacific and we learnt a lot off this system and have put together some options to utilise the space so to maximise the cost of building a pavilion and within this footprint include more power and access to technology.


Jason Whaanga has changed the design so the system can utilise the building with a useful power capability. Small enterprise activity and refrigeration can be catered for as well as

making water at the same time. The building would pay its way by having activity which would

generate an income and a portion of this would go back into the building to maintain its upkeep and sustainability.


Mono pitch roof with structural support beams designed for a strong connection to the ground for the roof in Hurricane prone areas.

Natural daylight for Key areas and ventilation for heat reduction

Possible footprint but can be changed to suit the site.

Included in this design is space for optional walk in chiller, space for freezers and community food preparation area or a business opportunity area for the community but can be changed within the buildings outside footprint.


Building Specifications

  • 14mtrs by 6Mtrs Low end height 2.6mtrs high end height 4.5Mtrs
  • Concrete floor 224m2
  • Walls Colour steel iron to the ground or three concrete block base for atolls or reef based islands new materials being considered
  • Roof Colour Steel
  • Construction Timber frame and prefabricated trusses and beams
  • Community room Clean room finishes to a food hygiene standard

Power System Specification

  • PV system 6 to 18KW peak  24 to 72 250watt PV panels Rack mounted to roof
  • Battery system 96Kwhr 24 2v 1960 vrla batteries
  • Inverter system 7.5KW or 15KW One or two pure sine wave inverter systems
  • Backup generator 15KVA to 50KVA
  • Daily power Production 20-60Kwhrs per day


Water Making Plant

  • From 444 litres per hour 4440litres per 10hr block
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Simple construction so simple to maintain and operate
  • Features high and low water alarms
  • Operation time limit alarm (operates during the day 12Hrs)
  • Tanks up to 200 000 litres

Water pumping equipment purification systems

  • Water pumping
  • Water filtration
  • IR water purifiers
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Field assembled large volume water tanks from 60 thousand to 2 million litres



Optional Plant

Walk in chiller

Designed with two massive cool storage tanks inside

to minimise the load of the chiller on the PV system.

  • Dual glycol freezer tanks
  • 2.4 by 2.4 by 2.4m
  • Increased insulation properties for the warm environment


Chest freezers

Super-efficient chest freezers to minimise the power consumption


As a freezer

Total Gross Capacity: 11.5CUFT/323Litres

External Dimensions: W1560xD650xH850

Baskets Supplied: 3

Energy Consumption Per 24hrs: 0.609Kwhr


As a refrigerator

Total Gross Capacity: 11.5CUFT/323Litres

External Dimensions: W1560xD650xH850

Baskets Supplied: 3

Energy Consumption Per 24hrs: 0.2Kwhr



We recommend the same freezer box converted to a refrigerator


Ice Making equipment

Block ice machine is being used in Vanuatu to provide the local fishing community ice to keep their fish in a reasonable state for market, the system operates for 12 hours and can make 100kg of ice in that timeframe. The ice is then transferred to the freezer for sale and collection

from the local villagers

  • 100kg of ice per 12hr period
  • 9 times 11.3kg blocks
  • USA manufactured


Community opportunity facility

With the access to clean water and electricity the communities have an opportunity to do a number of money making ventures to add value to produce or local skills with this facility.

Food processing

The islands produce some of the best tasting fruits and vegetables in the world. Processing these in a simple way can create a business opportunity with dehydrated fruits as an option.

Food Dehydrators

  • Simple processing
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Sold locally or exported to larger towns
  • Hygiene training would be required

Other food processing ideas

  • Food smoking machines
  • Chocolate making equipment
  • Food Packaging equipment

Other uses of the Community opportunity area

  • Clothing Manufacturing
  • Furniture and woodworking
  • Computer and communications Kiosks



Jason Whaanga has the network and knowhow to make this a reality in most villages in the pacific.

  • We work with NGOs to co-ordinate funding and project management
  • Use Materials suitable for the pacific
  • Have experience in working with the Uluveu project

Our goal is to facilitate skill transference in a lot of trade based areas so the local people will have future skills for their future development. The key to a successful project is in the community engagement; these pavilions are owned by the people, designed by the people and constructed by the people.