Palm Project

Progress Reports

These are the official Reports from the three enterprises as they were presented to NZCHET


Pavilion Report 2014

Uluveu Builders Workshop Report for 2014




Soap factory report starting from February to May 2014. On February the soap sales cost 4740 vt @ 20 vt each. The bottle of oil cost 1400 vt. There are 237 soap sales and 7 plastic bottles sold so it cost up to 6140 vt.

The   cash payment are as follows. Oil cost 2600vt for 13 litres. Wages ,we work one day in a week, the cost is 3000vt. The poundary has to be clean so the grass cutter cost 2500vt. The total cost payment is 7600 vt . It means that we have an outstanding of 1460 vt.

March , cash receipt ,there are 164 soap sales @  20 vt. It cost 3250 vt. The plastic oil sold @  200vt for 18 plastic bottle. It cost 3600vt so I deposited 2000vt at the NBV so I left with 4880vt. The cash payment ,of the Oil bought of 15 liters @ 200vt cost 3000vt.Wages cost 2000vt . The boundary cost 1500vt plus the outstanding of 1460vt total up to 7960vt. The outstanding for march is  total up to 7960 vt. The outstanding for march is 1080vt.

April I paid 80 soap @ 20vt. It cost 1600vt so I paid 10 plastics bottles Oil @ 200vt and it cost 2000vt. Total cost for sales is 3600vt. The payment for oil is 7800vt for 39 litres.The wages 4500vt and small labour for two men digging the toilet cost 2000vt and the total cost is 14300vt. On April  I widthrew from  the  NBV  11780vt  plus 1080vt total  up to  15380vt.

In May I sold 195 soap @  30vt and 37 soap @  20vt costing 6590vt. The plastic oil sold was 11 bottles @  200vt cost up to 2200vt. 1000vt was deposited at NBV. Remaining vt left was 8790vt.

Cash  payment  I bought  825  liters  of  Oil, grass  cutter  with  2000vt  for cleaning the  poundary, 5  refil for  600vt ,wages  for  7000vt  and  labour  for two  men  working  on the  toilet  cost  1400vt. So  the  Total  cost  was

12650vt.My outstanding is 3860vt. I have to solve the outstanding for june when I receive any money again by selling the soap.Now im sending about.

By Jenny Keith.

Soap made in soap factory by Jenny and ladies, ready to pack for New Zealand sales.



Aim of the Project

The aim of the Project is to get all people to have clean and healthy drinking water To supply clean water for children to take baths

Supply people enough water during drought.


The Uluveo Nuwai Project was opened on the 12 of January 2013. Since the opening the whole operating system was all in good progress. We were making 2 litres of water in 1mins, the water tank was really full and at least 50- 60 people especially children were using it once a day.

Bathing soap were supplieq from the soap factory for children to use during their baths.


1)             The Uluveo Nuwai Project is benefiting the Fisher Men association and the people of Maskelyne by producing ice cubes from ice making machine and selling them to Fishermen who are buying fish and selling them to Vila. They are making 40 cubes in a week and selling them to the fishermen for 350vt per cube. They are earning a profit of 12000vt per week.

2)              The Uluveo Nuwai system is providing electricity to the only Primary school at Maskelyne.

3)              Also it provides electricity to the builders workshop to build furnitures to help the communities.

4)               It also supply water to yachties’ who visits Maskelynes if needed.

5)             Lastly it assist financially with powers to any meetings held within the nearby village closes to the source when the people of uluveo combine together in an occasion.


The pump is operating well but there are also challenges.

1)    As of the 15th of May the salt water pump does not pump in salt water for Desalination

2)     The operator does not really understand more on how the system really operates especially the pump and the desalination plan.

3)     The fisherman association do not pay in their rent of power to make ice cubes in time. The revenue is growing very slowly.

Solution and recommendation .

These are some solution that must be done to solve the challenges.

1)             We need our own clear understanding on how to operate and maintain the desilination plan.

2)              We need our own ice making machine to make enough revenue.

3)              We had another desalination pump sent from Liane on the 21st  of September 2013 which was connected and now it  is working well.


With this short report, Iwould like to express my thanks to Liane Farry and the NZCHET for the negotiation for this project which helps a lot in clean water and providing electricity for the people of Uluveo to earn their  living.

l am  enclosing  my  financial  report  for  last  year   2013  and this  year  2014.

Date Income Amount Expenses Amount Total Balance
2013 Power Rent 25 260 vt ——– ——- 25, 260 vt
2014 Power Rent 9460 vt ——– —— 9, 460  vt
        Total Balance 34, 720 vt


All income are from Fisherman Association .

  1. This  year  they  made  up to  approximately   600  blocks  from  December  to  may. Thank   you  very  much and   God   bless.

From Pavillion Manager :     Benson Tangou.

Donations to The Communities.

1: Pescarus community kindergarten

5 free tanks of chainsaw

1 permanent toilet sit

Free  tools supplies for building new kindy classroom

  1. Lutes community kindergarten

– 5 free tank of chainsaw

  1. Pelongk community Market House

– 4 free tanks of chainsaw

  1. Namaru Primary School

– Free power tools suppliesto build new classrooms

9: Future Plan

The -future plan of (the workshop will be expand to help the communities from all the villages of the Uluveu are”:, starting from Okai, Nerieniemb, Ayiomb, Ravuhen Avock Island and the three Villages in the Uluveu Island. As from now on our master plan for the workshop will continue slowly be draft and adjustment will be going on till it completes to be approved by the committees of the palm project. And also hopefully we continue to fulfill our future plans to develop the workshop with our own business class knowledge that God our Creator given us.


10: Challenges

Starting from the operation of the new Management of the workshop, we are facing lots of challenges coming across our Management, we facing problems of power tool breakdown, generator problems, light problems, shortage of tools, Broken tools, and also we facing discrimination issues concerning.

Management Builders and workshop Assets.

With these challenges, we overcome with our faith in God to stand against all evil forces, to develop the workshop is not easy, it’s needs, interest, efforts, commitments voluntary service, patient and shelf trustworthy.

11. Conclusion:

With these reports, we truly confirm to you NZCHET, that we the management of the UBW, we trying harder to upgrade and develop the workshop with our own business class knowledge. This project is our enterprise to benefit the needs of the people of Uluveu Island, Malampa Province and Vanuatu as a whole.

Thank. you,

Compiled by Elder AkurAkur John Manager of Uluveu Builders Workshop.


2: 100 Material cost 40,000vt These are funds allocated for material cost
2:200 Administration 10.000vt These are funds for Administrative costs such ,
as telephone cards Stationeries etc
2:300 Labours Wages 80,000vt These are funds allocated for Builders, Manager’s Allowance and workshop gardener
2:400 Fuel cost 70,000vt These are funds allocated for fuel cost such as generator oil, Benzine, chain bar oil 2 stroke oil etc
2:500 Transport 10,000vt Funds allocated for Transport .Such as Boat, Truck, Canoe etc—
2:600 Food cost 7,000vt These are funds gathered for Builders, manager, workers food.
2: 700 Others 8,000vt These are unforeseen or unexpected cost
  TOTAL  = 225,000VT    




6: Co-operation:

The co-operation of the Builders and Manager is very good. And also working committees of the palm project, but sometimes we have some misbehavior with each other, but somehow we short it out in a way that pleases everyone. With our good co­ operation the workshop develops very, very slowly to a standard that we want to be to help the people of Uluveu Island.


7: Achievements

Here are some Achievements for the workshop.

  1. Office  setup
    1. Stationeries I workshop camera I Builders overalls.
    2. New Generator
      1. Light installment  in the workshop
      2. Building of a project new toilet
        1. Repairmen’s of The Manager’s Hut
        2. New Inverter – 2,000 watts
          1. 2  New Electric planners

All these achievements were funded by NZCHET Aid. With the help of the palm project co-ordination officer   (Miss Liane Farry)




1       Material cost –          24,780vt
2       Labours wages –       53,860vt
3        Fuel cost          – ·    69,400vt
4        Transport                     4,000vt
5       Administration cost -7,760vt
6    Others                      – 3,390vt

Total =           163,190vt

:- Total cash Balance =    63,086vt
:- Total Net Profit =          13,980vt
: – Reserve cash in Bank = 49,106vt






1:100 Chainsaw Hire 100.000vt Funds to be received from chainsaw Hired
1:200 Furniture Sales 70.000vt These are the funds to be received from furniture sales
1:300 Rent of Tools 20,000vt Funds to be received from the Tool rents
1:400 Generator Rent 15,000vt These are funds to be received

from generator Rent

1:500 Donation 10,000vt These are funds to be received

from Donors /etc

    10,000vt These are funds received

inexpertly from different

1: 600                     Others

Source, Bank interest etc

TOTALS                                  225,000VT




1:  Introduction: The name of the building Workshop is Uluveu BUILDERS WORKSHOP.

Since 2008 Uluveu Builder Workshop was established in Uluveu Island,

on Asivan station, Pescarus Village.

The 8 villages were consist of the Uluveu communities, they are :

1. Okai
2. Nerieniemb
3. Ayiomb
4. Ravuhen
5. Avock
6. Pelongk

They are entitled to the ULUVEU BUIDER’S WORKSHOP.


2: Aim of the Pro ject

To develop the knowledge of the trained graduates’ students from URTC and the local build up their abilities of skills, such as carpentry wood work and etc… And to generate the income for the workshop to help the 8 communities to be sustainable to the future.

3:   Workshop  Operation

Since when the new Management gets in the workshop, we try all our best to make sure the operation ofthe workshop is running well, and on the i 6th – February- 2013 to the future.


4.  Financial Report

From period of 16th February- 2013 to 31st May- 2014.

We try harder to earn money for the Workshop through these: –


1         Furniture sales =     75,5000vt
2         Chainsaw Hired =  76,500vt
3         Tool Rentals =         14,670vt
4         Generator Rentals =     5OOvt
5         Others                      1O,OOOvt
Total =        177,170vt


The first carved design of the Palm Project. Designed by Elder John Akurkur Manager of the UBW.

New design for the UBW- design by the manager-
Elder John Akurkur.

New design for the UBW- design by the manager –

Elder John Akurkur.



New office of the UBW.

A new office for the UBW designed by the manager.

Frames and windows with louvers on managers hut.

Builder’s of UBW re-flooring the floor of the manager’s hut.

The official declaration of the new 6,000 watt generator, by the president of Maskelynes Council of Chiefs Mr Gren Obediah.

Generator 6,000 watts on power in workshop.

Builder- Maraki Simeon chopping up slice for food shelf.

Kalo foreman of the UBW and two builders building wooden chairs for Malog Bungalow.

Kalo-The foreman completes the chairs vanished to be delivered to Malog Bungalow.

One married bed built by the UBW for Pastor’s House.