Palm Project

Palm Project Soap in Trade Aid shops New Zealand

The Story of Palm Project Soap

Palm Project soap is now avaliable in New Zealand at the 32 shops of Trade Aid NZ and also on their online store

Palm Project is a partnership between New Zealand/Aotearoa Children’s Health & Education Trust and the people of Uluveu Island, South Malakula, Vanuatu. New Zealand/Aotearoa Children’s Health & Education Trust is a small organisation based in Aotearoa/New Zealand, set up to assist poverty stricken communities to achieve economic self-reliance and self-determination.

Initially we started making the soap to help eradicate the ever increasing cases of infection by Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies), however, it grew into a project that now generates income which benefits the entire community. Women from the three villages of Uluveu harvest the Virgin organic coconut oil by hand and sell it to the soap factory. They are paid immediately for their product, which is always fresh and excellent quality coconut oil, and with the money they earn they can provide quality nutrition, education and healthcare for their families, which they so desperately need..

NZ/Aotearoa Children’s Health and Education Trust and Palm Project have been working together since 2007 when the first soap making workshops were completed with great success. Due to the abundance of this incredible soap, scabies has now been eradicated on Uluveu Island.

The wonderful healing qualities of the coconut oil, combined with other locally sourced, natural ingredients, has meant that we have been able to produce a soap which has amazing health benefits far beyond the eradication of scabies. Everyone who uses the soap notices the extraordinary yet gentle cleansing qualities of the product. The people of Uluveu’s extensive knowledge of the local natural products and their healing qualities have enabled us to create a unique soap.

Palm Project soap is conceived in an environment that is probably as close as one can get to ‘untouched’ in today’s world. This enables us to produce the product in a sustainable and effective way. Our product is produced solely to ensure that the community that surrounds and nurtures the product benefits directly from its creation.

We are delighted to bring this product to you to share the benefits that come from the purity and intent of its production, and the purity of its contents.

The community of Uluveu are proud to be able to offer their unique product in Aotearoa/ New Zealand for the first time.

Our three soap products are:

Tamanu Gardeners Soap

Skin Rejuvenating Niang (Tumeric) Soap

Cacao Exfoliating Soap

Our Ingredients:

Virgin Coconut Oil:

One coconut tree produces coconuts quickly and regularly for up to 75 years. When prepared naturally and traditionally, using fermentation and no heat is applied, making our oil virgin organic, it contains a powerful list of antioxidants, and because of its unaltered chemical structures, it is readily absorbed by our skin.

Tamanu Oil:

Fresh from the nut of the Tamanu Tree, which is indigenous to the Pacific, tamanu oil has been used by the people of Uluveu Island for hundreds of years. Recognized for its combined anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities which helps heal wounds, cuts, scrapes and skin diseases quickly and effectively, it also acts as a natural deodorant. This oil contains high levels of antioxidants and is very effective at minimising the conditions that can produce Melanoma.

Niang (Turmeric):

The local Niang (Turmeric) Plant is used for its flavour in cooking, and for its colour in dye, and natural paint. Curcumin, an active component of turmeric inhibits the growth of some skin cancers including Melanoma.

Cacao Beans:

The beans of the Cacao Tree (Cocoa Beans) bring colour and vibrancy, and once dried, roasted and crushed to different grades, also bring excellent exfoliating capabilities.


Frangipani fragrance is extracted from the abundant frangipani trees on the island. No chemicals are used in the extraction process so only the pure essence is added to the soap.