Palm Project


Three years on from the world lockdown and NZCHET returns to Uluveu to commence the long awaited project at Sangalai Medical Clinic & Nurses Accommodation. The goal was to upgrade the nurses accommodation and to supply water and lights to the clinic, which services over 3000 patients. This project initiated by the Local Clinic Committee and Council of Chiefs was halted due to the pandemic lockdown. With a local fully trained nurse now living at the clinic this project had become a priority, given the makeshift arrangement and substandard conditions for treating the residents of Uluveu and the surrounding islands. The clinic and accommodation lacked running clean water and lights. This is a sever health and safety issue given the clinic delivers services at all hours, including night births. The previous arrangement was to use torches which are vastly inadequate to what is required for the health and safety of the mothers and their babies, should complications arise. This project was completed by the end of July 2023, there is still a long way to go to insure the residence of South Malakula are able to get the medical attention they need.